Community is so important to us at Coffee Locale. We are firm believers in giving back and supporting causes the best way can. Our heart goes out to organizations that fight to protect the environment, sustainability, farming and education especially within the coffee industry.

A percentage from every subscription purchased goes to non-profit organizations that are bringing about much needed changes in various sectors globally.

We’re currently supporting the Chain Collaborative

The mission of The Chain Collaborative is to invest in the capacity of Change Leaders in coffee growing regions and accompany them as they drive grassroots, sustainable development in their own communities, according to their own visions for change.

Why? Currently, an estimated half of the 20-25 million smallholder coffee farming families around the world live below the internationally recognized – and contested – poverty line. The poverty and marginalization faced by the world’s small-scale coffee farmers are manifest in a variety of ways, including food insecurity, low education levels, lack of access to healthcare, and increasing outmigration from farming communities. These issues are further exacerbated by climate change, gender inequalities, and increasingly volatile market prices.