Hario, a Japanese glass company made this brewing method popular in North America with it’s v60 pour over brewing setup. Quickly adopted by top baristas and home coffee aficionados. The ritual is like coffee meditation; no machines, no lights, no power cords. The outcome is delicate and complex.

what you’ll need

Hario v60 (or your preferred pour over)
Hario v60 Paper filters
Long-spouted kettle

brewing time

2:30 to 3 minutes

brewing guideline

DRY: 23g coffee
WET: 350g water
RATIO: 1:16.8
WATER: 200° / 93-96°C
GRIND: Slightly finer than drip. Like sea salt.

learn to brew the perfect cup with these great tools

1. Preheat brewing system with water, discard after 1 minute.
2. There will be four pours in total. The first is the best, because it is when you will see the coffee bloom.
3. Start your timer. Begin pouring water slowly over the coffee, starting at the outer rim and moving in a steady spiral toward the centre. Stop pouring when the scale reaches 60 grams. Make sure all the grounds are saturated, even if you need to add a little water. The pour should take about 15 seconds then give the coffee an additional 30 seconds to drip before moving on to the second pour.
4. Now, starting in the centre of the grounds, pour in a steady spiral toward the outer edge and then back toward the centre. Be sure to pour all the way out to the edge, this helps to keep grounds from being trapped. Add roughly 90 grams, bringing the total to 150 grams. Allow 45–65 seconds to elapse.
5. As the mixture of water and coffee from the second pour drops to the bottom of the filter, coming close to the level of the grounds, pour an additional 100 grams of water using the same pattern as the second pour. This brings the total up to 250 grams and should take 15–20 seconds.
6. When the water and coffee from the third pour drops to the bottom of the filter, complete your fourth and final pour. Add 100 grams, bringing the total up to 350 grams of water. This pour should take 20 seconds.
7. 150g pour with high agitation keeping coffee submerged pouring over 30 seconds time.
8. Allow slurry to fully draw down until the coffee bed is exposed. (2:00m)
9. 140g pour over 30 seconds with gentle agitation. The last 5 seconds pour in the centre of the brew water.
10. Enjoy your coffee!