Coffee from a Chemex is very similar to that from a drip, but there’s more room for error. To guarantee the best results, grind your beans more coarsely than you would for a ceramic drip, and offer extra attention to the pour rate. This level of care yields a delicate and nuanced coffee, with plenty left over to share with friends.

what you’ll need

Chemex carafe
Chemex filters
Long spouted kettle
Digital Scale

brewing time

3 – 4 minutes

brewing guideline

DRY: 50g coffee
WET: 700g water
RATIO: 1:16.7
WATER: 200° / 93-96°C
GRIND: Between drip and French Press.

learn to brew the perfect cup with these great tools

1. Place folded filter with triple layer covering spout, preheat the vessel with water and then discard.
2. Pour your ground coffee into the filter and give it a gentle shake to flatten the bed.
3. Starting at the bed’s centre, gently pour twice the amount of water that you have coffee into your grounds (i.e, 50g of water if you have 25g of coffee). Work your way gently outward, and avoid pouring down the sides of the filter. This amount of water causes the coffee to “bloom” ensuring even saturation. Give the bloom 50 seconds.
4. Pour water in a circular pattern starting in the centre. Spiral out toward the edge before spiraling back toward the middle. Avoid pouring on the filter. Allow the water to drip through the grounds until the slurry drops 1 inch from the bottom of the filter. Use about 200 grams of water for this pour.
5. Repeat the same pour pattern as in Step 5, adding water in 200g increments.
6. Allow coffee to fully draw down